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SPECIAL OFFER ON L.T.O.T. PRODUCED CD's  -  1 for £5.00.  -  3 for £13.00.  -  6 for £24.00.  -  (Len Rawle CD counts as 2 CD's).


Limited Quantity

52 page souvenir Brochure - £10.00 inc UK Postage

80 Years of The Theatre Organ Club and 50 years of The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust

A must for all those who are interested in the history of the Theatre Organ, especially the Manchester Wurlitzers



The Davenport Compton March  -  (MUS09) - £5.00

Composed by Joyce Alldred to mark the installation and opening of the ex Davenport Theatre, Stockport, Compton Theatre Pipe Organ into 

The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust's Heritage Centre and Museum, 

Alexandra Road, Peel Green, Salford. M30 7HJ



Hope-Jones' Scrapbook Now Available

Order Yours Now

A compilation of cuttings from Robert Hope-Jones' original scrapbook


ONE MORE TIME  -  LEN RAWLE       Recorded at Manchester's Free Trade Hall in 1996, just prior to the Wurlitzer being removed.      CD (LTOT804)  Price £6.00

A great recording with the microphone being placed in the best seat in the hall. A full bodied sound.

Tracks include:  Even Now, Pasadena, Perfidia, Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup, On My Own, Curtain Up, Granada, The First Man I Remember, plus more

MUSIC FROM THE ROYALTY  -  A selection of music recorded on the Wurlitzer Organ of the Royalty Cinema, Bowness on Windermere.

CD (CD007) Price £10.00

Organists include: Alan Atherton, Stephen Austin, John Barnett, Howard Beaumont, Paul Gregson, David Ivory, Byron Jones, Mark Latimer, Cameron Lloyd, John Mann, Ian Midgley, David Rhodes.



SOU0024 Price £3.75

By Eric Halsall, Head of Technical Team, Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust - June 1985

A PARAMOUNT PERFORMANCE  -  Henry Croudson  -  Paramount Theatre, Manchester.                                                                                                                     CD (LTOT100) Price £5.00

One of the Trust's early  recordings now been released on a C.D. "A Paramount Performance" by Henry Croudson. Recorded at the Wurlitzer Organ of the Paramount Theatre (later Odeon), Manchester. The recordings were actually made between 1936 and 1937, and tunes include Swing Time, The Vagabond King, Songs at Eventide, Waltz Memories, Pennies from Heaven and others. 

ORGANISING - Joyce Alldred. -   Davenport Theatre, Stockport.                                                                                          CD (TOW02)   Price £6.00

During 1973, one of the most popular years at the Davenport Theatre, Joyce produced an L.P. "Organising". This recording has been digitally re-mastered to produce this CD. Capturing the sound of the Compton prior to the theatre being draped, it is a sound never again to be recaptured   -  Tracks include - Amparito Roca / At last / Lollipops and Roses / Glamorous Night / Mame / Kerry Dance /Estudiantina / Gershwin medley / Student Prince / Liberty Bell / Waltz of my Heart / Lady is a Tramp / Deep Purple / The Boyfriend / Bye Bye Blues.                                                                                  

THAT'S ALL - From the Compton Cinema Organ of the
Davenport Theatre, Stockport.
CD (LTOT091) Special Price £5. 00        

Tracks Include: Joyce Alldred - Theatreland, These Foolish Things, Michael Holmes - A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, Ronald Curtis - Love Is, A fine romance, Simon Gledhill - Body and Soul, Will O' The Wisp, Nigel Ogden - Las Vegas, Various Waltzes, Charles Brown - Foxtrot Medley, Old Favourites, Jeff Barker - Yesterday I heard The Rain, When You're Counting The Stars Alone, Joanne Godley - London By Night, Kevin Grunill - Out Of Town, That's All.

CD (LTOT 801)
Special Price £5.00
Stanley Tudor at the Wurlitzer Organ of the Gaumont Theatre, Manchester.

Tracks Include: Power Your Face With Sunshine, Can I Forget You, Spanish Gypsy Dance, Selection Strauss, Magic Circles, Out of the Wood, Shy Serenade
AL Jolson Hits, Irving Berlin Selection, The Petite Waltz, The Buzzing Bees, Jubilee Rag, George Gershwin Selection, plus others.

CD (LTOT 802)
Special Price £5. 00

Tracks Include: William Davies - Toytown Trumpeters, Ballet Egyptian, Joyce Alldred - Selection Showboat, The Tart With A Cart, Doreen Chadwick - Aperitif, Let Me Try Again, Len Rawle - Presidents On Parade, I won't Send Roses, Robin Richmond - Goodnight My Love, Love is Sweetest Thing, Nigel Ogden - Paramount Selection; Bye Bye Blues, Mack The Knife, From This Moment On.

CD (LTOT 092)
DOUBLE CD Price £10. 00

Tracks Include: There's No Business Like Show business, Soldiers In The Park, September In The Rain, Brazil, Forgotten Dreams, Dizzy Fingers, Marching With Sousa.

CD (LTOT 093)
Price £5. 00

Tracks Include: Pack Up Your Troubles, March Lorraine, Ding Dong Samba, Comedians Gallop, Till We Meet Again, In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree, Wish Me Luck.

DOUBLE TOUCH ( Charles Smitton & Trevor Willets
CD (LTOT 094)
Price £5. 00

Tracks Include: Charles Smitton - Estrellita, Chu Chin Chow, Always, Loves Last Word Is Spoken, Trevor Willetts - We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow, The Very Thought Of You.

OPPOSITE RANKS (Eric Lord & Noel Briggs)
CD (LTOT 095)
Price £5. 00

Tracks Include: Eric Lord - I'm Getting Sentimental Over You, Love In Bloom, I'll Get By, Noel Briggs - The Dambusters March, That's A Plenty, A String Of Pearls.

ANOTHER OP'NING (Various organists for opening at Stockport Town Hall)
CD (LTOT 096)
Price £5. 00

Tracks Include: Nigel Ogden - From This Moment On The Great Little Army, Henry Croudson - A Motor Ride, Charles Smitton - In A Persian Market, Eric Lord - Memories Of You, Ernest Broadbent - The Gypsy Princess, William Davies - Can I forget You, Thanks For The Memory, Tony Fenelon - Cry Me A River, Australian Medley, Sassy Brass.

SAY IT WITH MUSIC (Doreen Chadwick at Granada Studios Tour.)
CD (LTOT 098)
Price £5. 00

Tracks Include: Aces High, Where Do I begin, American Patrol, Singing In The Rain, The Green Grass Of Home, The Green Cockatoo The White Horse Inn.

CD (LTOT 097)
Price £5. 00

Tracks Include: Sing Everybody Sing, The Chocolate Tango, Kangarooga, On A Wonderful Day Like Today, Power Rag, The Penguin's Dance, Goody Goody.

CD (LTOT 099)
Price £5. 00

Tracks Include: Tritsch Tratsch Polka, Mexican Fire Dance, Knave Of Diamonds, Cherokee, Up North, Gracie's Songs, Toy Town Trumpeters, George Formby Memories.

ORGANISED IN OLDHAM (Doreen Chadwick)                                                                                                                         CD (LTOT9126) Price £5. 00

Recorded at The Blue Coat School, Oldham and remastered from an original cassette.

Tracks Include:   Swinging Safari, Mighty Like a Rose, Wedgewood Blue, Don't You Make My Brown Eyes Blue, Ecstasy, Selection "Doris Day Favourites, Lulu's Back in Town, On The Sunny Side of the Street, Ma Curly Headed Baby, Flapperette, When You Wish Upon a Star, Wendy, Selection - "Frank Sinatra Songs"

CD (CD 004)
Price £10. 00

Michael Holmes and Roy Chappell at the Plaza Super Cinema in Stockport.

Tracks Include: Did You Ever See A Dream Walking, The Donkey Serenade, Can't We Talk It Over, Song Of Dawn, Whistling Gypsy, So Many Memories, Western Medley.

CD (CD 001)
DOUBLE CD Price £13. 00

Dudley Savage at the Royal/ABC Plymouth Compton.

Tracks Include: The Merry Widow, Hits From the Forties, Jeepers Creepers, Calling All Workers, Love is Here to Stay, - a total of 50 tracks.


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LTOT STOP TAB - Key Ring  SOU009 Price each £5.00

Available in Red or White - Please state which on Order Form


Price £10. 00. 

Compiled and produced by D. Hyde with proceeds donated to the L.T.O.T.

DVD CONTAINS 7 DOCUMENTARIES: 1."The Heritage Centre". 2. "Heritage Centre Museum". 3."Gaumont Wurlitzer Story".4. "Paramount On Parade". 5. "Saving Manchester Carillon". 6. "The Wurlitzer Factory". 7. "The World Around Hope-Jones".



 by Roger C. Fisher (WURBK3) £ 9.95

A beautifully produced A5 publication, with 128pp, 4 colour plates and numerous illustrations
It can be claimed that the 'Mighty Wurlitzer' cinema organ, which magically arose from the depths amid coloured lights in the cinemas of the 1930s and 40s, was 'born' or at least 'conceived' on the Wirral peninsula in Cheshire, England. This book shows how this came about, and also puts on permanent record the history of a little organ, almost 120 years old, and now in the care of the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust. This organ has an interesting and unique history which is just part of the development of the 'Wurlitzer', beginning in Wirral. The book will be of interest to both the local historian and the organ enthusiast, as it concerns Victorian Birkenhead as well as details on organ history.


BOOK MARK      (Red-BM1,Green-BM3, Black-BM4, price £0.65 -------Sorry, no blue
FRIDGE MAGNET 1 - SOU002, price £1.50

WurliTzer Organ - Stockport Town Hall



KEY RING - Various Colours. - SOU0019, price £1.00



MUSEUM GUIDE - MG01, price £3.00

Your complete guide to the exhibits in the museum

FRIDGE MAGNET - SOU0017, price £1.50

Wurlitzer Organ - LTOT Heritage Centre, Peel Green, Eccles.

KEY RING   /Orbital Torch/ various colours - SOU0018, price £2.00
NOTE PAD, standard LTOT - SOU0021, price £1.00


BALL POINT PENS, Viper Frost - SOU0022,price £1.00 ea
LTOT PIN BADGE - BGE1, price £2.00

Price Each £1.50

LTOT TIE - TI1, price £10.00
LTOT POSTCARD (Publix one in the Free Trade Hall) - SOU0013, price£0.20
MUG (Peel Green Heritage Centre) - MUG1, price £3.50

MOUSE MAT - Heritage Centre Wurlitzer - SOU0011.  Price £6.00


MOUSE MAT - Stockport Wurlitzer - SOU0012 - Price £6.00


SMALL COASTER - Stockport Wurlitzer - SOU0014 - Price £5.00


SMALL COASTER - Heritage Centre Wurlitzer - SOU0010 - Price £5.00


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"TART WITH THE CART & ANIMO ET FIDE" - Joyce Alldred - MUS08 - £4.25

Tart with the Cart and Animo et Fide may be played in a recital as a pair, for their contrasting moods of boisterous humour and high ceremony. Alternatively, they may be selected as individual pieces within a diverse programme of music for the instrument.

Published by Stainer and Bell


"MRS. JOPLIN'S RAG"   - Joyce Alldred - MUS07 - £3.00

A catchy piece of music suitable for piano or organ.

Hear it played on     


"CELEBRATION MARCH" - Joyce Alldred - MUS04 - £3.50

"Celebration March" is the second march composed by Joyce Alldred to relate to the Theatre Organ. The first, entitled "The Granada Connection" was written to commemorate the opening of the Ex. Gaumont, Manchester, Wurlitzer organ at Granada Studios Tour, Manchester, by the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust. This composition is to celebrate the installation of the Ex. Paramount/Odeon Wurlitzer, latterly in Manchester's Free Trade Hall, into the ballroom of Stockport Town Hall. This installation will be officially opened in November 1999, as part of the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust's "Wurlitzer 2000" celebrations. Joyce has donated all the royalties from the sale of copies of this march to the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust for the future maintenance of the Stockport Wurlitzer.  



"THE GRANADA CONNECTION MARCH" -   Joyce Alldred  - (MUS05) £ 3.95.

A new march written to celebrate the installation of the Gaumont Wurlitzer in Granada Studios Tour; composed by Organist JOYCE ALLDRED L.L.C.M. Joyce has kindly donated all royalties from the sales of this music to the Trust.

"THE HOPE - JONES" MARCH -  Joyce Alldred  -  (MUS06) £3.50                

A March written by Joyce Alldred L.L.C.M. to mark the opening of The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust's Theatre Organ Heritage Centre and Museum, at Peel Green, Eccles. The Museum houses one of the finest collections of the work and memorabilia of Robert Hope-Jones, acknowledged as the father of the Wurlitzer.

As with the two other marches Joyce has again kindly donated all royalties from the sales of this music to the Trust.

Hear it played on   

"THE DAVENPORT COMPTON MARCH  -  Joyce Alldred  -  (MUS09)  £5.00

Composed by Joyce Alldred to mark the installation and opening of the ex Davenport Theatre, Stockport, Compton Theatre Pipe Organ into The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust's Heritage Centre and Museum, Alexandra Road, Peel Green, Salford. M30 7HJ


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