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Organs Owned by The Trust


Wurlitzer 4/20 - Originally installed in the Paramount Theatre, Manchester in 1934.

Following the closure of the Theatre in 1975, the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust successfully acquired the organ and installed it in the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, opening in 1977.

The Free Trade Hall closed for redevelopment and the organ was again on the move - This time to the ballroom of Stockport Town Hall where it was opened in 1999.

The organ is used regularly and is acknowledged as one of the finest installation world wide.


Organ Specification

Wurlitzer 4/14 - Originally installed in the Gaumont Theatre, Manchester in 1935.

The final concert at the Gaumont was in January 1974 after which the organ was removed and placed in storage until being installed into Granada Studios Tour, Manchester and opened in November 1992.

Following the closure of Granada Studios Tour in 1999 the Wurlitzer has been in storage awaiting a suitable venue for installation.

After many years trying to source a suitable venue for this organ and taking into account the ongoing costs for storage and insurance,  the membership of the Trust decided to sell the organ

The Wurlitzer has been sold and is installed at Folly Farm, Tenby and was featured at the opening presentation on the 2nd May 2009 by John Mann.

Compton 3/6 - Originally installed in the Davenport Theatre, Stockport. Cheshire in1937.

This unique Compton was featured regularly every week until the closure of the Theatre in 1999.

The organ was rescued at the last minute by the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust and after many years in storage without finding a suitable home, the Compton is now installed in the LTOT Heritage Centre, along with the 2/6 Wurlitzer.

More information on the Davenport Theatre and it's organ, including the original specification is available via the website of Joyce Alldred -


Heritage Centre Compton New Specification

Christie 3c/7 - Originally installed in  the Pyramid / Odeon Theatre in Sale, Manchester. in 1934.

The organ has two consoles the decorative console as above and a plain brown one which was in the pit in the theatre, the ornate one was on stage. The organ was removed in 1973 and re-installed in the Blue Coat School, Oldham. Lancashire and opened in 1983.

Following a request by the school to remove the organ in 2008,the organ was in storage for five years. The Christie has now been donated to the Lowe Side Trust, by the LTOT, along with funding for refurbishment and installation, of both consoles, into Lowe House Catholic Church, St. Helens, Lancashire. This installation, now enlarged, is now complete, with the plain pit console in the organ gallery and the decorative console on a moveable platform in the Chancel. The organ was presented to the general public for the first time as part of the LTOT 50th Anniversary in July 2018 


       Pyramid/Odeon History             Blue Coat Installation                             

Wurlitzer 2/6 Originally installed in the Trocadero Theatre in Liverpool and was opened in 1927.The organ was moved to the Gaumont, Dingle, Liverpool and was opened in 1937.

After closure, the organ was purchased by a private individual and subsequently purchased by the L.T.O.T. in 2003. It is now installed in the Theatre Organ Heritage Centre, Peel Green, Salford.

Organ Specification

Christie- Plain Console

Original Christie Organ Specification